About us

Travel the world and stay with us...

Hotel Toulousain was built by a French resident who was originally from the French city of Toulouse, thus, the name Toulousain which means "the man from Toulouse”.

wcities.com wrote a nice description of our hotel: “ It is the feeling of good cheer and simplicity that makes the guests of Hotel Toulousain come back year after year! Its former owner was from Toulouse and the hotel has kept its "south of France" charm. Yet the colorful mosaics and the palm-trees planted gardens are distinctly Moroccan. Rooms are very clean and their prices vary depending on bathroom amenities”.

Many business and personal relationships have been initiated at our hotel. Our staff continues to play a major role in keeping our guests satisfied.

The hotel has basic accommodations. Our guests appreciate free Wi-Fi and the TV in the lobby. We do serve a great breakfast and rent electric heaters when it is cold. Some rooms have ceiling fans, and we will install more in the months to come. Towels are available, as well as soap and glasses. We are happy to prepare home-made dinners for groups of six or more. We can also assist our guests with finding a good hike in the mountains, renting a car or going to the hammam.